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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

The Metal Bralette

Long time no blog. I guess I haven’t really got into the swing of it, and there is a distinct lack of fashion or art in my world at the moment, having finished the art A level and focussing so hard on trying for the A* in History of Art (and at least a C in English). This has all meant that I haven’t been up to the art block in a while and done anything fun, though yesterday I did go up and do some monotypes which illustrate an outfit that I designed and modelled. It will go up when I can get it scanned. In the mean time I have not been making any outrageous fashion statements because I have been in school uniform all week, and slouching around in jeans and tees for the rest of my life, though honestly haven’t even made the time to change into normal clothes because I am revising hard!
Anyway, there is one rather fab thing I modelled the other day, designed by Laura Precious (who, I have just realised has featured in all my blogs so far). These photos are in a prime display all over the school...the headmaster made some awkward backhanded compliment about them the other day which has been giving me a good chuckle. I have managed to convince Laura that she wants to make me some metal boobs in this style if I give her a bra to attach it all to... no idea how I will wear it yet but it should be REALLY FUN.

This might be my favorite photo of myself ever. Laura P is a legend.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Lacey Eyes

This is the medical term for when you have been doing minute free-embroidery on dissolving fabric to make enough lace in time for my deadline. If you’ve ever embroider tiny circles for hours you will understand. When you stop you start seeing spots all over the place and can’t really focus on things far away. Anyway, here are some details of the lace, will post the final pictures from the shoot once I’ve had a bit of an editing fest. 

Dressing Up & Getting Carried Away

This wasn’t a planned photo shoot or collaboration, so I appologise for bad lighting and a lack of hair or make-up. Laura Precious (her real name) wanted me to model her metal bra and in preparation for that later and much better planned shoot, asked me to try it on. Which I did. Then I got carried away and tried on her snake-print blazer and my otoshiana tunnel skirt. These were the coolest of the bunch, hope you enjoy.
Absolutely dying to create monotype prints of these silhouettes. Shame my A-levels are getting in the way. For now.