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Saturday, 24 December 2011

Saturday, 17 December 2011

I drop these objects at the exact same time, saying ayoooooooo, I'm Galileooo

Christmas Lights

I have entered the holiday season with gusto. My toes, arms and legs are killing me from ceilidh dancing so I've spent the past two days watching medical dramas cuddled up under a blanket. Having driven my big sister insane, I decided to turn off Grey's Anatomy and play with my camera. So I took these photos of my Christmas tree, looking all pretty and modern arty.

Friday, 9 December 2011

The Strip Tease

For one night only, I, Ailsa Lindsay, will be performing an academic strip tease in the style of a St Andrew's student. (if you are thinking about getting all excited and scrolling down to see the end result, I should warn you that this is a very Scottish strip tease, and you still end up in a jumper and warm jeans)
I'm up staying in St Andrews with my big sister for a few days because she just loves having me around. St Andrews is 600 years old, and so has some amazing and really fun traditions; last night I went to a debate where we all drank port before and there were all sorts of cute little bits. My favourite, obviously, is that it is completely legit to walk around the town in your gown, which is bright red and fleecy. The "academic strip tease" is what the students call the tradition of HOW YOU WEAR YOUR GOWN.
In first year, you wear it up on your shoulders. This is my preferred method of gown wearing because it is the warmest way to wear it.

In second year you wear it slightly off both shoulders. Because you are so old and mature and too cool for school.

 Although this is a colder way to wear it, it is clearly the superior year to be late and have to run places.

 In third year you wear it off different shoulders to distinguish between the years, off the left for arts students. Alastair recommended I wore it off this side because if I looked like  a scientist I would attract lots of attention. Wait a minute...

 I tried to demo fourth year but somehow the photos don't have quite the panache that Seonaid achieves with it. Practice I suppose.

 This was us leaning in for the self timer. Not sure that was entirely necessary.

Monday, 5 December 2011


Some of you may have seen on the news (or posted as every single status on facebook today) that it has been snowing in Scotland. Concerned that I might be snowed in/have to wear sensible shoes, I ran (read; hastened) to my food cupboard to see what I will have to survive on over this long cold winter.

This did not go particularly well for me.

Friday, 2 December 2011


At Uni we have a system where all the first years intern for a fourth year putting together their collection. I've been paired with the amazingly supportive and trusting Coryn Dickson, who is in the middle of making pre-garments for every garment in her collection, which is a ton of work. Normally I help out in a general way with pressing, hand stitching, tracing of patterns, drafting basic things, sewing on buttons etc, but today Coryn  was holding an amazing ethereal photo shoot which happened to involve 11 potted plants which we borrowed from B&Q. To get them all up and down to the second floor studio we had to put them on the lift on their own and then send them up, which got some surprised looks from people who saw a lift full of plants arrive. I haven't seen the photos yet but fingers crossed, I'm sure they'll be amazing.