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Thursday, 29 September 2011

We're not in Kansas any more Toto.

It's my birthday! Which means...NEW BOOTS AND DRESS!! There has been much love for this dress today. I love the underskirt, it makes me think of my art teacher Sarah Lee who made the most amazing underskirt to go to London in and we took a photo and she thought we were taking it of up her skirt! It was the most amazing green, though perhaps this is more wearable. Its so SWOOSHY (I know, I know, what am I 5? No, I'm 19, and swooshy stuff is cool.)

New boots...mmmm. Superdry. The last pair in my size. I wanted them in brown but now I have them in charcoal I am so glad that I didn't get them. God wanted me to have these ones.

Crimpy crimpy hair. 

So tonight's theme is "burlesque", but my friends and I have decided to go as PIRATES (you guessed right- it's so I can wear my boots) so there will be another outfit post today...but a PROPER outfit, not just what I'm wearing, one where I look like something.

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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Flirting is a woman's trade...she must keep in practice

 Today was SUPER sunny, I couldn't cool my room down so I went for a gander around Gala. I decided to have a moustache to match my dress. I think it matches the red lipstick as well. 
Fuzzy fuzzy photos. Never mind. My Mother always told me..Don't get pregnant at Christmas. Wait, wrong bit of advice..Beauty is only ever a dimmer switch away. I assume the same applies to soft focus.
Tomorrow is a very exciting day because ITS MY BIRTHDAY!!! Which means I can wear my NEW BOOTS. Which will destroy by already pulpy (sexy word huh?) feet, but I don't care because they are my baby, and even when your baby pukes up on you and doesn't let you sleep, you still love it. Well that's how I feel about these boots.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

French Connection...you get me.

How on-trend am I? Remember this photo?

WELL....French Connection are copying meeeee. I hate it when that happens, don't you?

Their model is a little bit more....well....a model not just some twit with some pretty fabric and her top on back to front and her make-up all over one of her eyes. But other than that, copying me.

Monday, 26 September 2011

Put on your Sunday clothes

A song about clothes making you feel better. And super cool dancing.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Hey Wednesday

If your dreams tell you what you un-conciously want or desire, then I really want Blue tack, business cards and a tattoo of a wolf. One friend said that this is an inner cry for belonging; the blue tack will make my room feel like home, the business cards give me validation and belonging and wolves are pack animals, again belonging. Other friends laughed at me. But there you go.
Got up early on my day off and did some DRAWING. And looked through wedding magazines. I can see that this might appear creepy to some people. I planned on going to hand my CV around Gala but it rained and I didn't want to look like a drowned rat.

I was drawing the westminster braces by Nichole de Carle London. LOVE their stuff. When I can afford to spend money like that on ANYTHING, these will certainly be contenders.

In other news...the blog just hit it's first 200 hits!!! This makes me very happy so please keep following me.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

I don't pretend to be an angel

But if I did, it would be in this skirt.

"what's in the locket" has been the question of the day...In the words of Lady Gaga "it's my daddy and Nebraska and Jesus Christ". Though actually its a picture of my friend's cat.

Monday, 19 September 2011

The MUTANT jumper

I'm wearing my people jumper again...because it's like getting a hug from the world. It makes me happy. And I'm wearing it with spots, because what could be more jolly than wearing spots and getting a hug from the world? I forgot to mention the best bit about the people jumper in my last post- where the seams join up there are little three-legged mutants. Mutants are cool.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Beautiful Red People

I've outdone myself....I have managed a WHOLE DAY without achieving anything. I have faffed all day. Part of putting off my drawing prep (because I'm not REALLY sure what we have to do, and don't want to do it wrong because its the first task) I looked through my computer to clear out some old photos. In doing so I realised two things; 1) Laura Precious has done some crazy and amazing things for me. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Laura P you are a legend. 2) I know some really really beautiful ginger people. I think I have an almost PRB style obsession with them.

First up....MAUDIE! I love her hair. As you can probably see from the fact that I have drawn it. Twice.

(I swear to Whoever- this is unedited. That is really the colour of her hair)

Never a more appropriate name...Rosie Motion. She is lovely. And also has amazing hair (seeing a theme yet?) Rosie- Have an amazing time at university becoming massively famous. Anyone looking for a set designer who is also very beautiful? FOUND ONE.

Mattea Todd. Amazing. I loved loved loved taking photos of her (probably because she hated it. girls like that are always the most interesting) I feel particularly attached to the charcoal of her because it was the only drawing that the lecturers saw before letting me into uni. Go Mattea!

So much love for the gingers! Maybe I ought to dye my hair red. But then no one would EVER believe that the blonde was natural. But I am an art student, and there are people here who are on their third or fourth colour in two weeks. We will see. Hmm.
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Friday, 16 September 2011

New look for the blog

The particularly observant of you may notice that I've pimped my blog. I hope you like it. The title (which says my name, can you tell? I've looked at it too long) was inspired by Anthropologie's kitchen stuff. I drew it with sharpie so many times I got a little high.
Here is some other stuff I made inspired by their stuff. (note; find synonyms for stuff)

 My Mum and I did matching. I love them, so much I'm not bringing them to uni in case they break.

The People Jumper

My mummy knitted this jumper for her baby Seonaid when said baby was five. It was a tad big, but I LOVE it now. Makes me happy.
 Moody lighting huh??

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Seven years bad luck for one post

While trying to take photos of myself for today's post, I broke a mirror. I'm hoping though that if i reason with fate I can get him to count stuff that's already happened as my bad luck and it will all cancel out. This is all happening at the end of a 9-6 day, so I am already a little tired, though in fairness the last hour was individual work in the CAD suite. I love my life right now..."oh yes, I was just in the CAD suite and I had a quick look at the digital printer and had a lecture about women's shirts". THAT IS SO COOL. You may disagree. If you do, you are wrong. Knowing that I had a long day I kept it simple in jeans and a t-shirt, here are the photos.

You know those women who wear red lipstick and look perfect all the time? I wish I was like them. I did it today and its a real effort to keep it on your lips and off everywhere else. You really discover how much of an oral fixation you have when you wear it. But it's called "Diva Red", so I can't resist.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Death by freshers flu

Well I went to bed early and got up late and STILL the first thing Connie said to me was "God you look....tired" (just managing to stop herself saying rough, I'm sure). So the theme of the outfit aim today was- WARM. To achieve this, I started with some thermal undies and just went crazy from there.
Thanks to an afternoon lecture I had time to perfect the "who-me?-no-I-never-spend-any-time-on-my-hair-it-just-happens-this-way-because-I-am-an-ART-STUDENT" hair do. Took me about an hour. But no one needs to know that.
In my first marketing lecture I was shown a few images by this artist which made me really sad. Ari Versluis and Ellie Uttenbroek take photos of people who have never met and yet define themselves through their dress. Members of various "style tribes" are selected and posed in the same way. THESE PEOPLE HAVE NEVER MET, and yet they all dress the same! I cant find one that I fit into, though I am sure there is one, and that makes me really sad. Its very interesting though, check it out.

Monday, 12 September 2011

First day of big girl school!

WELL. I had my first ever lecture this morning...we didn't really do anything other than "and this is what we are going to learn and this is why it's important. Which is great, except a little dull at 9am. I was early which was great because I got to be all judge-y about the people who were late. Well really, your FIRST LECTURE? Still, it's probably a matter of time before it happens to all of us. So it sounded really interesting, like history of art WITH fashion...my favorite things! The lady teaching seemed to be very interesting and enthusiastic and involved, she's doing lots of very cool research about graffiti being a symbol of the state of the nation (something like that) among other things. They set us a mission; to boldly go (to go boldly for all you split infinitive freaks) to Edinburgh and go to an exhibit about the Queen, which basically explored her PR and the art created about her during her 60 year reign. Seemed a bit premature to me, when frankly if they held off a few years they could just say it was about her entire life? NOT THAT I'M JINXING IT. She has to last 'till February because then all the Navy people get an extra medal. MOVING ON. We had to go see it by Sunday, and never being one to leave things to the last minute, we carpe-d the diem and headed off.
This is what I wore. Remind me in the future.....check weather reports for WIND aswell as rain. Because no, I was not particularly cold, but the dress kept blowing up and exposing me. Thank Whoever I was wearing leggings not wooly tights. At one point a gust blew it up and I think I may have genuinely exposed my belly button. The outfit goes..tea dress from Primark, boots from Blowfish, leggings from somewhere that does'm good and thick and long, jumper from River Island, scarf(ish) from Accessorize.
Here's a sneaky photo I took, Debbie Hitchen style (aka, not allowed to take photos so do it quietly and take the most important ones first and only when they aren't looking) of my personal favorites. The two in the middle were fab- in the one with the blue background she's wearing a boat cloak!!! (High score Navy uniform)
SO. Maybe feeling regal tomorrow? Who knows, we will certainly see.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Saturday Stuff

SO...drumroll please..
FIRST UNI PROJECT!!! I'm almost sure that they will put it up on the wall...GAH! So awkward interviewing yourself because you don't want to sound like a  prat, and in interviews the interviewer has to make the person look interesting and special, but if you do that to yourself you look like a fool. A vain fool. A vain fool in some sexy-ass lipstick. 

On an unrelated note, Imitation of Christ made my week by turning their catwalk into an ACTUAL WEDDING. THESE PEOPLE GOT MARRIED. ON A CATWALK. AND IT WAS ALL 20s INSPIRED. So basically, if I had said, "yo, design me something that will make me infinitely happy forever", then you would not have been able to top this.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Portraits with Meg

AAAH!!! Got the most amazing photos for my first uni project. We have to take photos of ourselves and interview ourselves, I'm working closely with Meg, and Connie and Rachel are helping out, will post if we get good ones of Meg later...

And the creepy bride obsession continues!
Comment which are the best because I can only use two for the project.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Patroitism in the salon!!

loving the union flags...

First week of being a fashion student!! This is the fabulous Meg Scarce who is a nail ninja...and comes from a school right near RHS!!! What a laugh, I've been translating for her.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Patriotism in the kitchen...

 My Mother and I felt the need for a project......yay!
 I'm wearing my all-in-one plastic health suit which also has a hood- very useful when I am very messy.
 Seonaid's "mais il est ou le soleil?" top matches the blue so well!
I think it's FIERCE. Kirsty hates it, but then she hated all of our ideas. I'm wearing my St. Georges school skirt with thick wooly tights from Marks and a beautifully detailed top from anthropologie.