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Sunday, 15 January 2012

A Thought For The Men...

A thought for the men... wear stuff with pockets.
Wednesday was my first proper menswear workshop (proper because we had one of those "lets talk about fashion and split into pairs" lessons already). We were designing and making man bags out of denim. This is my first experience trying to design macho, and it just had to be a bag?! I figured; keep it simple (like men), include lots of little stitch details and make it practical. Here is what I made;

 Please make appreciative noises about the cute stitch detailing and the little pockets on the side....
On a slightly annoying note, I have been trying to post this every day since wednesday to no avail. If Blogger persists with annoying interface issues I may have to ditch it and move to wordpress or tumblr.

hope you liiiiike

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