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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Cold as Ice Cream but still as sweet.

I thought I would take some time to explain an few of the images I loaded a while ago, since I somewhat neglected it at the time.
We had to photograph our shirt, and I had a quirky idea which has been brewing in my mind for a while about photographing someone falling out of a washing machine, which followed on from my self-portraits last year where I was climbing out of a wardrobe. I find it really interesting making images with models with really awkward and unusual concepts and angles and poses that I often end up modelling myself because I can’t find anyone who really GETS it. My best friend who I lived literally an arms distance from in boarding school for two years, and within throwing distance for another four, used to be an amazing model for me, and did all sorts of bizarre photo shoots in odd places and clothes and poses (Laura, I totes owe you). Joanne really liked my concept though, and being very beautiful and tall was very willing to model for me. We did it late at night to ensure that we got the machines empty and that there weren’t going to be the distractions of shooting in a functioning Laundromat. We started by shooting her, and swapped over so that she could put a picture of me in her portfolio which was great because it meant I could do some of the freaky, uncomfortable poses that I couldn’t really explain very well. It also meant we could style it in two different ways. Unfortunately, the shirt had no buttons so we had to pin it which meant I kept stabbing myself in the neck. But that’s fashion for you I suppose.

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