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Sunday, 20 November 2011

When Gala Stole Pudsey

Us ickle fashion firsties had our first fashion show this week! The theme was children in need so we had to be very smiley, hence I look like a maniac in these photos (which are thanks to Mark Timmons)

 Another photo of my fabuluzzzz shirt, as modeled by Joanne.
I can't remember whose shirts I was wearing...I think Beth Edwards, Zoe McArthur and Lucy Denholm, but for the life of me I cannot remember their partner's names, so PLEASE email me and I will edit this to include you.

I was first out...because I KNOW NO FEAR. Particularly when I have a mane...which I did thanks to the college salon. I loved my hair...my hairdresser left me with the triangle of fabric to make it look like an eye patch! Clever huh?

Backstage, models eating yellow cake. mmmm.

This is when I stole Pudsey's head. I think there is a video of me being a backing dancer doing the Beyonce Single Ladies dance with Pudsey somewhere...I HAVE TO FIND IT. Basically you can't tell the difference between Pudsey and Beyonce. Because he was THAT GOOD.

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