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Saturday, 30 March 2013

Officially Awesome Skulls

So, yesterday I got some skulls, and I posted about it on facebook but apparently "yay, my skulls arrived" is not enough information for some people. I've been wanting skulls to play with for about 4 years, they are amazing to draw and to inspire art and to include in still life photos and stuff. So my friend who lives on a farm thought that it was really strange of me and was super reluctant but then I tactically did her a favor (that's not true I am capable of genuine human friendship) so she got me some muntjac skulls as payment.

And if thats not the most awesome thing you've heard today, I want your life.

Until today I didn't know what a muntjac was.  They're super cute, and now I have two of their skulls!! Yay for my life right now!

If you own skulls, a small piece of advice I would offer is to not leave them staring at you on your bedside table. Just a thought.


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