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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

"I think about you all the time. Except for when I think about cake. mmmm, cake."

Today was no where near as warm as it looks in this photo, which was a pure fluke between my "meeting the mentors" and working in the sewing workshop. I woke up stupidly early to write an essay and ended up sorting out the loops on this dress instead for an hour! Then it was too late to do any proper work so I obsessed over a boy for a bit and then headed out to meet the fourth year FDI students- their work is amazing and I am so excited to work with them, it was so awful having to pick out just three who I wanted to work with. Later I have some fun photo-taking plans with Joanne. Can't wait.

I'm wearing my flapper dress from H&M, a red jumper from River Island, super-super long leggings from New Look, and my BOOTS from Superdry and my beautiful Drift leather bag. 

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