Hit me baby one more time..

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

"Whose baby is that?" "I don't know, check the collar"

Today I wore my first pair of stretchy trousers! I got myself out of bed at a time that would be considered reasonable even by someone who isn't a student and headed down for some YOGA. It felt very "Eat, Pray, Love", though I was a little disappointed not to reach spiritual enlightenment. I blame this entirely on being able to hear the music from the gym next door- rather than the Indian-ashram-running-water vibe that one generally expects from yoga, I did my "salutations to the sun" to the Pussycat Doll's "Beep", and relaxed at the end to the Hoosier's "Goodbye Mr A".
Despite not reaching a state of karmic equilibrium, I had a fairly productive day, which included these shirt illustrations which I've been looking at for far too long today, and thought I would share with all my ardent fans. (Hi A.J)

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