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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Death by freshers flu

Well I went to bed early and got up late and STILL the first thing Connie said to me was "God you look....tired" (just managing to stop herself saying rough, I'm sure). So the theme of the outfit aim today was- WARM. To achieve this, I started with some thermal undies and just went crazy from there.
Thanks to an afternoon lecture I had time to perfect the "who-me?-no-I-never-spend-any-time-on-my-hair-it-just-happens-this-way-because-I-am-an-ART-STUDENT" hair do. Took me about an hour. But no one needs to know that.
In my first marketing lecture I was shown a few images by this artist which made me really sad. Ari Versluis and Ellie Uttenbroek take photos of people who have never met and yet define themselves through their dress. Members of various "style tribes" are selected and posed in the same way. THESE PEOPLE HAVE NEVER MET, and yet they all dress the same! I cant find one that I fit into, though I am sure there is one, and that makes me really sad. Its very interesting though, check it out.

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