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Sunday, 18 September 2011

Beautiful Red People

I've outdone myself....I have managed a WHOLE DAY without achieving anything. I have faffed all day. Part of putting off my drawing prep (because I'm not REALLY sure what we have to do, and don't want to do it wrong because its the first task) I looked through my computer to clear out some old photos. In doing so I realised two things; 1) Laura Precious has done some crazy and amazing things for me. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Laura P you are a legend. 2) I know some really really beautiful ginger people. I think I have an almost PRB style obsession with them.

First up....MAUDIE! I love her hair. As you can probably see from the fact that I have drawn it. Twice.

(I swear to Whoever- this is unedited. That is really the colour of her hair)

Never a more appropriate name...Rosie Motion. She is lovely. And also has amazing hair (seeing a theme yet?) Rosie- Have an amazing time at university becoming massively famous. Anyone looking for a set designer who is also very beautiful? FOUND ONE.

Mattea Todd. Amazing. I loved loved loved taking photos of her (probably because she hated it. girls like that are always the most interesting) I feel particularly attached to the charcoal of her because it was the only drawing that the lecturers saw before letting me into uni. Go Mattea!

So much love for the gingers! Maybe I ought to dye my hair red. But then no one would EVER believe that the blonde was natural. But I am an art student, and there are people here who are on their third or fourth colour in two weeks. We will see. Hmm.
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