Hit me baby one more time..

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Flirting is a woman's trade...she must keep in practice

 Today was SUPER sunny, I couldn't cool my room down so I went for a gander around Gala. I decided to have a moustache to match my dress. I think it matches the red lipstick as well. 
Fuzzy fuzzy photos. Never mind. My Mother always told me..Don't get pregnant at Christmas. Wait, wrong bit of advice..Beauty is only ever a dimmer switch away. I assume the same applies to soft focus.
Tomorrow is a very exciting day because ITS MY BIRTHDAY!!! Which means I can wear my NEW BOOTS. Which will destroy by already pulpy (sexy word huh?) feet, but I don't care because they are my baby, and even when your baby pukes up on you and doesn't let you sleep, you still love it. Well that's how I feel about these boots.

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