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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Hey Wednesday

If your dreams tell you what you un-conciously want or desire, then I really want Blue tack, business cards and a tattoo of a wolf. One friend said that this is an inner cry for belonging; the blue tack will make my room feel like home, the business cards give me validation and belonging and wolves are pack animals, again belonging. Other friends laughed at me. But there you go.
Got up early on my day off and did some DRAWING. And looked through wedding magazines. I can see that this might appear creepy to some people. I planned on going to hand my CV around Gala but it rained and I didn't want to look like a drowned rat.

I was drawing the westminster braces by Nichole de Carle London. LOVE their stuff. When I can afford to spend money like that on ANYTHING, these will certainly be contenders.

In other news...the blog just hit it's first 200 hits!!! This makes me very happy so please keep following me.

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