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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Saturday Stuff

SO...drumroll please..
FIRST UNI PROJECT!!! I'm almost sure that they will put it up on the wall...GAH! So awkward interviewing yourself because you don't want to sound like a  prat, and in interviews the interviewer has to make the person look interesting and special, but if you do that to yourself you look like a fool. A vain fool. A vain fool in some sexy-ass lipstick. 

On an unrelated note, Imitation of Christ made my week by turning their catwalk into an ACTUAL WEDDING. THESE PEOPLE GOT MARRIED. ON A CATWALK. AND IT WAS ALL 20s INSPIRED. So basically, if I had said, "yo, design me something that will make me infinitely happy forever", then you would not have been able to top this.

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