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Monday, 12 September 2011

First day of big girl school!

WELL. I had my first ever lecture this morning...we didn't really do anything other than "and this is what we are going to learn and this is why it's important. Which is great, except a little dull at 9am. I was early which was great because I got to be all judge-y about the people who were late. Well really, your FIRST LECTURE? Still, it's probably a matter of time before it happens to all of us. So it sounded really interesting, like history of art WITH fashion...my favorite things! The lady teaching seemed to be very interesting and enthusiastic and involved, she's doing lots of very cool research about graffiti being a symbol of the state of the nation (something like that) among other things. They set us a mission; to boldly go (to go boldly for all you split infinitive freaks) to Edinburgh and go to an exhibit about the Queen, which basically explored her PR and the art created about her during her 60 year reign. Seemed a bit premature to me, when frankly if they held off a few years they could just say it was about her entire life? NOT THAT I'M JINXING IT. She has to last 'till February because then all the Navy people get an extra medal. MOVING ON. We had to go see it by Sunday, and never being one to leave things to the last minute, we carpe-d the diem and headed off.
This is what I wore. Remind me in the future.....check weather reports for WIND aswell as rain. Because no, I was not particularly cold, but the dress kept blowing up and exposing me. Thank Whoever I was wearing leggings not wooly tights. At one point a gust blew it up and I think I may have genuinely exposed my belly button. The outfit goes..tea dress from Primark, boots from Blowfish, leggings from somewhere that does'm good and thick and long, jumper from River Island, scarf(ish) from Accessorize.
Here's a sneaky photo I took, Debbie Hitchen style (aka, not allowed to take photos so do it quietly and take the most important ones first and only when they aren't looking) of my personal favorites. The two in the middle were fab- in the one with the blue background she's wearing a boat cloak!!! (High score Navy uniform)
SO. Maybe feeling regal tomorrow? Who knows, we will certainly see.

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