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Thursday, 15 September 2011

Seven years bad luck for one post

While trying to take photos of myself for today's post, I broke a mirror. I'm hoping though that if i reason with fate I can get him to count stuff that's already happened as my bad luck and it will all cancel out. This is all happening at the end of a 9-6 day, so I am already a little tired, though in fairness the last hour was individual work in the CAD suite. I love my life right now..."oh yes, I was just in the CAD suite and I had a quick look at the digital printer and had a lecture about women's shirts". THAT IS SO COOL. You may disagree. If you do, you are wrong. Knowing that I had a long day I kept it simple in jeans and a t-shirt, here are the photos.

You know those women who wear red lipstick and look perfect all the time? I wish I was like them. I did it today and its a real effort to keep it on your lips and off everywhere else. You really discover how much of an oral fixation you have when you wear it. But it's called "Diva Red", so I can't resist.

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